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Decide on a Cargo Shipment Rate in Dubai

Have you completed the measurement of freight prices from Dubai to anywhere, but it does not fit the quote you got from your courier provider? It may be the case if you do not shed enough light on the other powerful factors influencing cargo rates from Dubai to anywhere.

Shipment Mode

Which shipment mode to use depends on the type of freight you're working with. According to primary information, air freight is considered for previous shipping, and slow mode sea freight is trusted.

Tariff rates are a common concept in container shipping and are also known as negotiated rates. The freight charges per kg from Dubai to the rest of the world would be about 60-70 AED. However, the type of tariff claimed is also dependent on the courier services you have chosen. Generally, courier companies in Dubai deliver a 20% to 25% discount, and if the amount is large enough, a fair price may be negotiated.

The geographical distance

This is an important consideration in deciding the average cargo price from UAE to India. The distance between Dubai and India is 2475 kilometres, which is very high. It is one of the reasons for the high or large courier charges from these destinations. Despite the availability of various modes of transportation such as land, air, and sea, the issue of cost remains a point of contention.

Factors influencing freight volumes in general

In layman's words, there are two reasons that unquestionably determine the cargo from Dubai to any ware prices.


If you need to get to the market in a few hours or a day or two, choose air freight because the cargo can be delivered to India from Dubai in this time frame. On the other hand, if you have ten to fifteen days, you have the choice of travelling by sea or road. Air freight prices are likely to be higher than ocean and road freight rates.


Cargo facilities must be consistent in order to avoid disruption and piracy. In this respect, the UAE has adopted strict regulations, which is generally admired. The combined flow of freight, container piracy, and monitoring must all be streamlined.

These are the factors that influence the pace of cargo shipping and price from Dubai to India. Connect with Infinity Express Parcels Delivery to learn more about this issue and to secure profitable offers.

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