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Any of the following words and phrases shall have the following meanings unless the context demands otherwise:
Any services that are not part of the Services are referred to as "Additional Services." If Additional Services are performed without a signed arrangement in force, the Parties agree that Infinity Express Parcels Delivery basic terms and conditions, like standard prices, would adhere to any Additional Services.

"Effective Date" means the Effective Date specified in the Agreement, or, where no such date is specified, the date from which the Client uses the Services.

Such goods or items (including, without exception, any grocery products, packaged food, FMCG, etc.) sold by the Client to a Customer under a Customer Contract are referred to as "Goods."

The United Arab Emirates ("UAE") shall be referred to as "territory" (and any other jurisdictions and countries specified in the Agreement and elsewhere where the Services are rendered). Both heirs in the title, approved assignees, estates, and legitimate personal members are included in references to a "Party" or the "Parties." The titles of the articles and provisions in this Agreement are only for reference. The operative provisions of this Agreement are not affected by those headings.

Unless the meaning dictates differently, terms that denote the singular also denote the plural and vice versa. Words denoting persons include bodies corporate and unincorporated, unions, alliances, and people, and words denoting any gender include both genders. Any references to "days" shall denote calendar days unless otherwise specified, and days and hours shall be proportional to the jurisdiction of the Territory in which Infinity Express Parcels Delivery is providing the Services.

With regards to Services offered by Infinity Express Parcels Delivery to the Client concerning the supply of Goods sold by Infinity Express Parcels Delivery to a Client's Customer, the Client accepts, recognizes, and confirms that (each a "Customer" and collectively, the "Customers"). The concerned orders (the "Customer Order") are strictly and exclusively arranged and performed between the Client and any such Customer, including without limitation all costs levied by the Client for delivery, storage, insurance, taxation, and related charges, fees, and expenses.

Infinity Express Parcels Delivery is not a party to any Customer Orders with the Client or any other Customer, and its sole contractual relationship is with the Client for Services. Any fines, costs, insurance premiums, and/or other payments relating to the selling of Goods to a Customer under the Customer orders are the sole and exclusive responsibility of the Client. Any express or implicit guarantees relating to any Goods, whether expressly or implicitly, are solely between the Client and its Customers.

Infinity Express Parcels Delivery service offerings the following:

The Client, Services, and Cost Summary portion of this Agreement, as well as any future additions to it, shall detail Infinity Express Parcels Delivery as the courier firm, delivering order management; distribution to end-customers, payment processing, Specific Services, and Additional Services agreed to by the Parties.

Each authority that is a part of the Territory must provide services. The Parties can, from time to time, amend the scope of the Territory by joint written consent, which may necessitate subsequent changes to this Agreement, including pricing.

If we are unable to complete a shipment's delivery for whatever reason, we will attempt to leave a note at the receiver's address indicating that we attempted delivery and the shipment's location. You promise to pay us whatever losses we bear in forwarding, disposing of, or returning the goods if delivery is not made after a second attempt or if the recipient declines to allow delivery.

Infinity Express Parcels Delivery does not sell or participate in the manufacture of the products sold in the stores. However, all that this online market provides consumers is the opportunity to browse for and locate nearby stores that sell to their addresses. The shops must follow all municipal legislation, codes, and regulations, as well as pricing, marketing, and safety regulations. Infinity Express Parcels Delivery does not promise that the nature of the goods or food delivered to users complies with relevant laws or that the list shown on the web accurately reflects what was actually given to the users.

Invoicing and Payment Terms; Additional Services.

Unless otherwise decided in writing, Infinity would charge the Client on a transaction basis for any of the Services given hereunder.

Unless otherwise agreed in writing, Infinity Express Parcels Delivery would charge the Client on a transaction basis for any of the Services offered hereunder. The Client is responsible for all penalties incurred by Infinity Express Parcels Delivery in connection with the recovery of past due sums, including but not limited to attorney's fees, charges, interest, late fees, and/or court costs.

The Client shall ensure that the total amount paid by Infinity Express Parcels Deliveryamounts to the amount invoiced by Infinity Express Parcels Delivery and payable by the Client for any reimbursement under this Agreement, and any bank wiring fees, fines, or related costs shall be the Client's liability in this regard.

If any of the Services offered to the Client necessitate additional work or services not specified in this Agreement, such as an extension or contraction of existing Services, the Parties may negotiate in writing on the terms and conditions for such additional Services.

This may require a price change for the applicable additional services and/or current services (as the case may be). If Infinity Express performs all of these services for the client without a formal arrangement in place, all of these services will be deemed Additional Services, and Infinity Express Parcels Delivery' regular terms and conditions will apply.

Unless otherwise included in this agreement, Infinity Express Parcels Delivery can only change pricing during the Term by giving the Client at least thirty (30) calendar days' notice in writing. You consent to pay the costs for shipping between the places listed on the consignment note, as well as any value-added taxes, as well as any other services performed by us.

Charges are measured using the prices that apply to your order, as listed in our most recent rate card. On request, we will provide you with a copy of our latest rate card. For your convenience, we've included a copy of the Rates card below:

Delivery current rate card:

Next day deliver Two to Three days delivery

Same city = AED 30 Same city = 20 AED

City to city = AED 45 City to city = 30 AED

Obligations of the Client

The Client is obliged to include all details fairly provided by Infinity Express Parcels Delivery in order for Infinity Express Parcels Delivery to meet its obligations under this Agreement as part of this Agreement.

Infinity Express Parcels Delivery shall not be held liable for any responsibility or other expenditure arising from the Client's failure to provide such information, as well as all other information provided by

Infinity Express Parcels Delivery to perform the Services, and the Client shall indemnify Infinity Express Parcels Delivery for any liability or expense incurred (including attorney's fees and costs) as a result of the Client's failure to provide such details.

You will have direct access to the Customer's orders via Infinity Express Parcels Delivery channels, and you will be responsible for meeting the order request.

Term and Termination

From the Effective Date, this Agreement will be in place for (1) one year (the "Initial Term"). This Agreement would automatically renew for consecutive one-year extension terms (each a "Renewal Period," and together with the Initial Term, the "Term") unless each Party terminates it sooner in compliance with this Agreement.

Only for Services that are not Dedicated Resource Services, either Party can terminate this Agreement at any time by offering thirty (30) days' advance written notice to the non-terminating Party.

Working hours:

The working hours of each week shall be as follows:

Saturday to Thursday: From 9 AM to 3 AM

Friday from 2 PM to 3 AM (according to the time of Friday prayer)


You promise to indemnify and hold harmless Infinity Express Parcels Delivery, its parents, branches and associates, agents, executives, directors, and other employees against any allegation, subpoena, or damage (whether actual, indirect, or consequential) brought by others in connection with your use of the platform, including fair attorneys' fees. Related to the web, any perceived breach of intellectual property or other privilege of any individual or company relating to the site, the breach of these Terms of Use, and all other actions or omissions relating to the site.

Limitation of Liability:

To the extent allowed by statute, Infinity Express Parcels Delivery offers this site and its services "as is" and "as applicable," and we make no express or implied representations or warranties about the content or functionality of this platform, or that it will be timely or error-free, that defects will be fixed, or that the site or software that makes it available are free of viruses or other harmful components.

Except as provided in the preceding paragraph, neither Infinity Express Parcels Delivery nor its directors, officers, associates, staff, or contractors may be liable for any direct, incidental, extraordinary, or consequential injuries or damages (including, without limitation, damages for loss of business or profits) resulting in contract, tort, or otherwise from the use or failure to use this platform. Nothing in these words excludes or restricts our or our agents' or employees' responsibility for death or physical injuries caused by our or their negligence.