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UAE Custom Clearing Services

Our services include planning and organizing all import and export paperwork, valuation and inspection processes, preparing invoices for outbound shipments, and all post-shipment formalities and endorsements from competent authorities.

Since customs clearance is a stringent process, heavy fines for false declarations can be levied at times, but our personnel is qualified and familiar with all customs clearance protocols and formalities. When it is assigned to other inept departments, however, it takes longer and fails in customs brokerage. That is not the case for us.

We have the shipments cleared as soon as possible. As soon as we obtain the required paperwork, our professionals clear the import or export consignments, depending on the situation, within 2 or 3 days. We send the cargo to the requisitioned destinations until the formalities with the customs department are concluded.

Our customs clearance programs have the following shipping documentation:
1) Manufacture: Original invoice, packaging list, bill of lading/airway, bill endorsed by the importer or bank, insurance card, sales order or letter of credit, import warrant, and, whether the products are chemical, catalog or literature.

2) Export licenses or permits, sales arrangements, invoices, packaging lists, and shipping instructions are also available for export. We are a well-known customs clearance firm in the Gulf region and in India.


Transport packaging is first and foremost, secure products in transit. With the essence of road and rail networks, travel packaging is designed to withstand accidental vibrations, impacts, or injuries, as well as protect against elements such as humidity, high temperatures, or severe weather.


Transport packaging allows for the likelihood of several transport phases before the product arrives at its final destination. This involves numerous off-loadings, re-packaging, re-loading, and likely stock storage(s). As a result, transport packaging is adaptable enough to enable this process when necessary.

Solutions That Are Unique

Transport packaging is as distinctive as the product itself, and exactly complements the quality, scale, and proportions of the product. The emphasis is here on lightweight, durable, easy-to-handle packaging that takes up as little room as possible.

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