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Domestic And International Courier Service

Infinity Express Parcels Delivery has its own domestic and international courier services wing in the entire Gulf region. Our overseas courier services pick up and deliver your courier covers/parcels to any location in the Dubai or around the world. This service is extended further by our existing infrastructures and facilities in the country.


Transport packaging must, first and foremost, protect products in transit. Given the nature of road and rail infrastructure, transport packaging should be designed to absorb unintended shocks, impacts, or crashes, as well as protect against elements such as humidity, extreme temperatures, or heavy weather.


Transport packaging must account for the likelihood of several transit stages before the product arrives at its final destination. This entails different off-loadings, re-packaging, re-loading, and potentially product storage (s). As a result, transport packaging should be adaptable enough to facilitate this process when necessary.

Solutions That Are Unique

Transport packaging should be as unique as the product itself, and should fully match the consistency, size, and dimensions of the product. The emphasis is here is on lightweight, sturdy, easy-to-handle packaging that takes up as little space as possible.

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