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You can avoid late payment fines and penalties by using Servicepay. The main goal of the software is to provide you with a tool that enables you to keep track of and manage all of your service utility bills in one location. Servicepay makes it easy to see upcoming bills and reminds you to make payments well in advance before the due date. Pay all of your invoices on schedule and never miss a payment!

This app is for you if all you want is something to remind you when and what payments need to be paid. The app have following features 1. Bill Account: You can add Account Number, Service Name and service provider. It will store forever. 2. Reminder Phone: To receive reminders, you can enter more than one phone number. 3. Reminder Email: Include your email address to get reminders 4. To manage your bill reminders, use Bill Service, Bill Period, Bill Tracker, and Bill Payment fields. 5. Use these options to check the status of your paid or outstanding bills. Maintenance, Maintenance Progress.

No, You can't make any payment through Servicepay. It is only for keeping track on your upcoming service utility bills.

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